What Are You Allowing To R.S.V.P?

Show of hands, how many of you have RSVP’d to something?  You? What about you? How bout the people in the back?  Mm-hmm, we all have at some point in our lives.  An RSVP can range from just replying to a text, an e-vite, or mailing back that card that came with the invitation.  But, how many times have we thought about what we allow to RSVP in our daily lives and how it affects us?


It is a known fact there are a millions of people on this here Earth.  People of all shapes, colors, sizes, diagnoses, types, faults, you name it! (see what I did there?)

Let’s talk about one type that I can call the Complainers.  We all know somebody that complains about everything.  No matter what it is, they never have anything good to say. Take them to a 5 star restaurant and they’ll find something wrong with the ice cubes.  Take them to the best vacation spot per Forbes Magazine and they will complain about the weather.  It doesn’t matter what, they never seem to be satisfied.  I have found that these kinds of people, who can never find anything nice to say, also complain about a lot of aches of pains within their bodies.  Something is forever hurting them.  Then they have the nerve to complain about that, too!  Perhaps, if they found something nice to say from time to time they may feel better.

A second type are those Hypochondriatic folks. (Wayment, is that even a word?  Doesn’t matter, it is now.)  You know them! We all do, and if you can’t think of anybody, then sugah, you are it!

These folks always have something wrong with them.  If not, they’re about to catch something in the next millisecond.  The flu can be going around at a preschool in Ireland and they will swear they’re coming down with it, too.  They can tell you every symptom  they’re experiencing, and may even begin taking meds for the imaginary bubonic plague they’ve seem to have acquired through mere conversation.

A third type are the Dun-Dunners.  These are the ones, no matter what, they have seen it, been through it, and done it all.  What makes them unique is their story always comes with a twist.  You can be telling a story of a vacation trip you took with friends and how you were stranded on a snow-capped mountain.  Then all of a sudden they have a similar story except they were able to escape an avalanche off the mountain by hang gliding.

   Come on bruh, chill.

Me being the Curious Connie I’ am, I’ve always wondered why are people like that?  What are they lacking in their everyday lives that they have to seek attention in ways such as these?  My conclusion is a simple one.  Lean in closer, I don’t want you to miss this….

They lack positivity, openness, and the ability to just shut up.  How can they change this?  Simple!  Stop allowing negativity and attention seeking behaviors to RSVP.  Think about it, if you allow anything that halts self-growth, it will manifest itself and make itself at home.  And I do mean at home.  I’m talking shoes off, in the recliner, opening and closing your refrigerator door kind of thing.  In allowing the negative to move in, how will you notice the positive in anything?  Also, ask yourself what is causing you to dwell in Negative-ville so long that you have become the Mayor?

I challenge you to point out something positive the next time you feel the need to complain, succumb to any health issue, or reach for attention.  Not only will others in your circle notice it, it will begin to work wonders for your brain.  Remember, if you think positive, you will produce positive actions.

psa shooting star shooting stars the more you know public service announcement




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