Bendin’ for Lenten

Hello ALL!  I hope all is well.  I hope you’re ready to take on Q2 by storm.  Because hunni, for me, Q1 aint been no crystal stair.  I’m beyond excited and ready to see what this second quarter of 2018 has in store for me.  

Let me be honest about my absence and say, I had to take a break.  I was tired Queen! I had to stop because I wasn’t for writing, reading, or ‘rithmetic.  And if my heart wasn’t in it, there would be no umph in the work I was putting in behind it.  I had dealt with two unexpected losses, not personally, but within my circle.  I was also taking on new roles with the Democratic Party and the NAACP. I was in these new roles that I knew nothing about, and the only advice I was given was “ good luck” and “make it your own.”

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I was becoming too overwhelmed.  Walls were closing in on me. It was getting hot.  I was nervous. Knees weak. Palms were sweaty.

So, with that being said, I had to take a break.

It just so happened that my break right around the time Lent was about to start.  If you’re unsure of what Lent is, in this 18th year of 2000, I encourage you to stop reading right now, and do a Google.  

What I love about Lent is every year I learn something new about myself and my Faith.  I used my 40 days to give up meat. I do it every year, but it amazes me because I see I wasn’t using it to my full advantage.  I took away meat, but added more time with God. I also decided I wanted to stay consistent in working out 3-4 days a week. Goodbye to my fried bologna sandwiches, and wings doused in hot sauce.  Other than finding new foods I liked, I was able to incorporate better food choices. Now, I can’t tell you a word of a lie, it was a long 40 days. But I made it.

*cue Marvin Sapp*

What did bending for Lenten teach me?  I’m glad you asked!

In my 40 day journey, I learned that I had already been stepping out on Faith in asking God to fill my plate with blessings.  However, I was lacking because I wasn’t praying for me to be prepared to handle the blessings. How dare I disturb Jesus asking for a blessing, then being afraid to carry things out when it came?  The audacity! But I straightened up. I flew right. I recognized that what I was being given, was given to me because God knew I could handle it. HE knew I could carry out the tasks, follow the objections, and see things through.  That’s why it was on my plate. Don’t yawl start me to preaching on this here thang!

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You ever notice how when you come out of something, everything seems brighter? Like, the grass seems greener, clouds seem softer, and water seems wetter.  That feeling when something has been lifted off your chest and shoulders. Exhaling. That ‘I made it through’ deep breath. It’s like a renewal of assurance of that you can.  You are enough. You are able.

I’m grateful for the season I conquered.  It allowed me to display my perseverance, and strength.  I feel stronger. And most importantly, I feel ready. To write. To love.  To win. To grow.





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