30 Days of June

Hey June!


I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.  Seeing as how, technically, you’re already gone, I want to let you know the last 30 days with you have been quite an adventure.


Let’s recap on what you’ve shown me and helped me realize about myself.


June, you taught me beauty.  I attended a Brunch & Beauties event that was put on by a dear friend of mine.  The event, for me, was a makeup 101 tutorial that showed the importance of using make up for the purpose of enhancing.  How not to go overboard.  Also, tricks and tips to using makeup to my advantage.


June, you pushed me.  I moved out.  I left home and moved into my first apartment.  This was the biggest risk I’ve taken and so far, one of the best.  I will say, not one time did I think I couldn’t do it.  I’m still amazed.  To me, this was a huge step.  Truth be told, in December I was looking to make this move within 6 months, and I did!  My move was so silent, that nobody other than my mom and a few friends know.


You pulled the rug from under me, June.  I fell and it hurt.  In the midst of moving I threw self-care away.  As a result, I dealt with dehydration.  I’m also currently fighting suburn with warm skin, itchy arms and dryness.  Thanks for stopping me dead in my tracks and showing where I was neglecting me.  I ‘preciate it!


June, you told me to go for it and I did.  The new season you brought had me feeling all invincible.  So, I went tubing in the Catawba River.  And I even jumped in and floated for a while.  It was scary.  It was adventurous.  Invigorating.  And most importantly, I didn’t die!  I can’t describe how it felt floating in a river and not feeling the ground beneath me.  My bucket list is now shorter.  Now to get rid of this sunburn.


Thank you, June for helping me exercise my resilient muscles, being fearless, and to just have fun.  I’d do it all again, even the bad days.





P.S. July,

wassup GIF


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