Mob Brunch

Brunch has become the new family gathering, only its mostly with friends.  And if you’re not careful, the bottomless mimosas will, in fact, have you sending a ‘You up” text at 2:30pm.  Not saying this has happened to me, I’m just saying. This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a brunch.  To be … Continue reading Mob Brunch


Healing & Dealing Part Deaux

I never talk about my mother.  I mean, I do, but I don’t. I share her, but not all of her.  I tend to keep her close for various reasons. She’s a pure thing to me.  She’s often imitated, and somewhat duplicated. She’s my home team. My Cabinet.  My Supreme Court. I’m Trey, she’s Doughboy. … Continue reading Healing & Dealing Part Deaux