Mob Brunch

Brunch has become the new family gathering, only its mostly with friends.  And if you’re not careful, the bottomless mimosas will, in fact, have you sending a ‘You up” text at 2:30pm.  Not saying this has happened to me, I’m just saying.

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of attending a brunch.  To be honest, I’d planned on spending the weekend going home to rest and relax with my mom.  The brunch was in celebration of Melissa Chanel, a Charlotte blogger, relaunching her blog. How I came to win the ticket was because a friend of Melissa’s, who wasn’t able to attend, bought a ticket to be given to a lucky winner.  In order to win, all you had to do was comment under Melissa’s IG pic with a blog topic I’d like to see her discuss. It seemed fairly easy to do, so I decided to comment. I didn’t even think I’d win.

And what do you know!  Ya girl won!

The brunch was held in Charlotte at Napa on Providence.  It is a cute brunch spot, and not really dead in the center of the city, so there’s not a lot of traffic.  It is literally a cute lil restaurant. I ordered the smoked salmon benedict. And it was amazing! In the midst of waiting for our food, we were all asked to go around and introduce ourselves.  To my surprise, majority of the women there were bloggers! Some of them I actually follow on Instagram, but had to play it cool and didn’t want to come off like a groupie, ya know. So chill is what I remained.  We even went around and gave our IG names, and to my surprise some of these people actually followed me back.



You ever get that feeling that in an exact moment, you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be?  Ever been speechless because you’re just in awe of what is taking place around you, only to realize you’re smack dab in the middle of it?  That was how this bruch was for me. It was filled with Black Girl Magic, peace, positivity, inspiration, and love. I left there feeling beyond motivated to get to work.  Seeing all these women hold down professional jobs, and continue to blog on the side showed me that it IS possible. And the ones that weren’t bloggers, were definitely in a relatable field that ranged from consulting, to fitness.    

I’m forever grateful for the opportunity and am looking forward to working with these ladies in the near future.  

Melissa Chanel & I at Napa. #melsmobbrunch


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