Chuck’s Race for A Kure

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month.  On September 8, the first annual Race for a Kure was held.  It was the first 5K in memory of a friend, Charles who forfeited his brave, courageous fight with cancer this past January.  The race was put on by the Chuck Lindsey Foundation and was held in his hometown of Spartanburg, SC. I was there for support, for my own health, and to help carry on the memory of this carefree, heroic man.  Also, present for the event was his fraternity brothers of Coastal Carolina Alumni Kappas. It was great to see the brotherhood, love, and laughs displayed and shared among all of them.


The proceeds of the race went to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.  It is one of the largest nonprofits dedicated in finding a cure, and creating a world without blood cancers.  In my eyes, Charles didn’t lose without putting up one hell of a fight. This man had beat it 6 times. My fondest memory is seeing him be his regular shit talking self at Coastal’s Homecoming in 2015.  To call him a warrior would simply be an understatement.
Initially, I’d planned to run the entire 5K because it seemed only right.  As life, and shin splints would have it, I only ran a mile of it. To me, that was okay.  Because, considering there was no ambulance waiting at the finish line, I had to do what was in the best interest of my cardiovascular system.  The race was held at Milliken Arboretum. I would describe it as a park with trails, trees, and a pond. It’s a great outdoors place to visit, and gather your thoughts.


I managed to not pass out by thinking about Charles and how hard his battle may have been.  I’d personally never heard him complain of any of it, but part of what hit close to me was that I knew him.  To this day it doesn’t seem real, however, I know this man gave all he had. It inspired me in a new way to go hard in all I do, no matter what.  To me that’s the definition of #ChuckStrong, to play the hand life has dealt you with the strength God has given you. All the while knowing, you’re not losing because you know Him. 


Chuck, although you’re not physically here, may you continue to inspire us all in unimaginable ways. We all have a crazy ass story full of your one liners that we carry with us to the end. Thank you for not only serving our country, but serving a purpose in our lives during your time here.




**If you would like to donate to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society leave a comment and let me know.**


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