“Once Again It’s On!”

Mercury went into retrograde on March 5 and will remain there until March 28.  I’ve read many tweets of people asking exactly what that means.

Here’s some info for your dome: During this time, Mercury, the planet that rules communication, is spinning backwards. Retrograde has a negative connotation. Given that the planet is going in reverse, communication isn’t the only thing that goes awry. Technology and traveling can go wrong, too. It’s been said that you shouldn’t sign any major contracts or make any major deals. Exes are another thing that tend to spend backwards. All those uck-fay oys-bay that you got rid of tend to make a comeback.

As life continues to progress and I’m facing each day with hope and positivity, there are things happening to me to combat against that.  I see it as life’s way of maintaining the presence of balance. A peak and a valley. Yin and yang. Good and bad. Some may call it temptation, my Gran Gran calls it the Devil, a few other synonyms are foolishness and stupidity.  Whichever you choose to call it, I hope you’re able to fight it off just as I’ve had to do.

Y’all, this week hasn’t dragged me mentally, but I’ve had many a moments where I made this face because the retrograde has reached wayyyy down and brought out some oldies and goodies.   

the lion king frown GIF

One oldie was an ex boyfriend. Let’s call him Picollo.  For short, I’ll call him Pic. Remember the episode of ‘A Different World’ when Lena’s ex came back to claim her?  Only difference is, my Picollo wasn’t played by Tupac.

Related image

Quick backstory on Pic: Pic later became known to wear a distinct orange jumpsuit with accessories that kept his hands and feet within close proximity of each other.  He was cool though. He wasn’t any trouble. To me. Had he been dealt a hard hand? Girl, yes! But he was managing to play the cards he’d been dealt.  We’d kept in touch from time to time and he was doing okay for someone that was in/out of that jumpsuit.

***Real quick, my mama always say “You better mind what you say.”  And she’s right because I used to always say I love a man in uniform.  And then there was Pic. However, he and I dated before he got in the business of sporting the latest fashion from a correctional facility.  So, before you judge me, judge your face!***

It started with a “Good morning beautiful” text and a few repeated phone calls.  My response: “Who dis.” I felt it was him before I even replied. Pic called to say he was out, he was home, he had a job, and I was his.  Sir, whet?! First of all, Pic, I had deemed you either dead or in jail. And since you’re not Jesus, I think we know this is in no way shape or form a resurrection. Second of all, when did you get out?!?!? This man apologized for not calling me right away, but wanted me to know that he was doing well and didn’t want to start any trouble, but I already know what’s up.

Uh, no sir, I don’t.  

confused what you say GIF by Almost Christmas Movie

And I honestly have to leave it right here, because I haven’t heard from Pic in a couple of days. Perhaps I should change his name to Whodini? Or Wheredhego. Or call the county.

Johnny Bravo came back yall!  I first introduced Johnny here.  Johnny just wanted to know if I was well. And now that I think about it, I hadn’t heard from him since he told me “Happy Valentine’s Day.”  Looka here, the Devil is busy. Working overtime, you hear me?! JB told me he was doing well. He even said he was blessed and had picked up more muscle.  JB then proceeded to send me a black and white photo of himself in the weight room. In a wife beater, and Yankee fitted hat. I FROZE! JB looked so good in that pic, I didn’t care that he skipped leg day.  Satan slid right into my inbox and I let him make himself at home. Zaddy was thick up! I stroked his ego a little bit on how good he looked, and sat in a Target parking lot gawking at that image for 10 minutes straight.  I eventually saved it in my photos….for research purposes, ya know.

hot golden girls GIF

This is still a judge free zone!

I can’t remember exactly when things went left, but they did.  Real quick. Johnny laid out a real nice set up in the form of emoji’s which let me know he was only out to get one thing. Now, Johnny is a full, and I mean FULL grown man. Why he couldn’t use his words is beyond me. Text conversation looking like a story from a Highlight’s magazine.  I had to let JB know that first of all, I didn’t appreciate him sending me riddles of emoji’s. And although, he is very tempting, I couldn’t accept his advances. He told me he understood and it was cool.

So why did JB continue to come at me over the next two days offering me ‘the secks?’  Still, my answer was NERP! I had told this man, a situationship doesn’t work. In the end one of the two involved parties gets cheated.  JB didn’t give a damn. He was still ready to risk it all. I know I’m a catch and all, but still y’all this wasn’t right. It didn’t even feel right. The final straw was the man texting me ‘good morning…..any thoughts about our conversation?’  Bruh, chill! I had to let him know, plain and simple I wasn’t looking for a temporary fix of any kind.

It was in that moment I decided to choose me.  Let me keep it real because I don’t know how else to keep it, okay?  Sex is great. Stupendous. Remarkable, even. And I’mma stop right there because even though I’m grown, my mama might be reading this. I, for one, view sex with a member of the opposite sex as a bonus.  Love me in other ways and not just for what you think I can offer in the bedroom. Am I making sense? Me accepting that man’s advances would leave me high and dry, wanting more from a man who was willing to settle for the bare minimum.  Not the makings of a true King. It’s obvious, JB still has some growing to do.

Just because something looks good during a certain period or season, doesn’t mean you have to jump at it. Don’t let what’s going on around you cause you to sell yourself short on what you stand for. What you want is even more important. Stay woke, Sis. Don’t fall for the banana in the tailpipe. Don’t allow anything in that will disrupt your peace. Don’t let this retrograde catch you slippin’.


2 thoughts on ““Once Again It’s On!”

  1. 🙌🏾 Good for you and thanks for the reminder as well. I got put in a spiral by just hearing the voice of the man I’m trying to get over loving. Day at a time. Love Self first and my wants matter as well. I can relate to this post. Thanks for the strength and encouragement


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