Dating Is Trash

I’m trying so hard not to say dating is trash but …… Shit’s skressful, bruh.   Which brings me to the question of is it really hard, or are we making it complicated?  I know times have changed. The seasons don’t even make sense, anymore. It’s currently 91 degrees and its not even Summer, yet. … Continue reading Dating Is Trash


Deep Sleep Diving

The funny thing about creativity is when it hits, it hits. And although, I want it to stick like grits, sometimes it comes in waves. So when I feel the burst, I have to act on it immediately before the feeling leaves. Ya feel me? I said I wasn’t gonna put out any foolishness because … Continue reading Deep Sleep Diving

“Once Again It’s On!”

Mercury went into retrograde on March 5 and will remain there until March 28.  I’ve read many tweets of people asking exactly what that means. Here’s some info for your dome: During this time, Mercury, the planet that rules communication, is spinning backwards. Retrograde has a negative connotation. Given that the planet is going in … Continue reading “Once Again It’s On!”